Room Example

Our Studios offer salon and business professionals the opportunity to own and operatetheir own salon type of business without the hassle and expense of facility managementand maintenance. Studios offers a welcome alternative that offers a cozier more relaxsetting in an upscale “Spa” feel.

Room Example

Each Studio is 125 to 150 square feet and costs betwee $165 and $225 per week. Each Studio is its own room which allows for privacy and they can be locked for security. 


A luxurious ambiance greets all clients that walk in the door. An upscale interior appearance and multiple seating areas, your clients will feel comfort around every corner.

Whats Provided

The Studio shall include a chair, cabinet, sink and data jack or access to a wireless connection. Licensee shall provide their own chair if they prefer. There is a laundry facility and a breakroom available to the renters.

Suite Rentals

Whats Included

HAIR ADDITIONS shall pay for all ordinary electricity, heating, water, cleaning of common area, cooling and lighting used in the Studio and the Leased Premises.


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Under Construction!

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